About the Photo:
A very popular tourist site in Beijing is this Nine-Dragon Wall in BaiHai Park. After hundreds of years, the colors of the ceramic tiles are just as brilliant. The wall was built in 1756. It is 21m long, about 15m high and 2m thick. It is faced with 424 7-color ceramic tiles. At the center of the wall, there is a giant dragon, flanged by four dragons on each side. In addition to these nine large dragons, the wall is covered from edge to edge with many smaller dragons. In all, there are 635 dragons.


Chinese Children Adoption International
This is my adoption agency. Learn about one of the agencies that helped pioneer modern Chinese adoption for Americans. They are the largest adoption agency in the world and have placed more than 2300 children since opening their doors in 1993.

Families with Children from China
Totally awesome site. This is my absolute favorite.

Our Chinese Daughters Foundation
A wonderful resource, geared toward the single mother. Tons of links to other sites for adoption and chinese culture.

RedThread Magazine
There is an ancient Chinese belief that all Chinese people are connected by a "red thread" that may tangle but it will never break. Many adoptive families also believe that there is such a thread connecting them with their adopted children and their families.

Online Chinese Tools
This is an incredible resource. Everything from how to set up your computer to read chinese characters (the one displayed to the left is actually a graphic) to a link for Bell Labs Mandarin Text-to-Speech Synthesis for Big 5.

Support site for Asian Families. Keep up with traditional Asian holidays, read articles on multicultural families, and shop their catalog.

Chinese Art and Literature
Explore the beauty and culture that is China. View Calligraphy, Paintings, Art, Poetry from this large site.

China Guide (Mirrored Site)
Another source for Chinese news. Lots of links within this site and to other Chinese sites.

Your Name in Chinese
Get a Chinese name based on your English name. You can even hear the pronounciation as well.

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