"That's her! There she is! That's our Linzhi!

Changsha, Hunan
Sunday, May 19, 2002

Each of the babies traveled with their nanny from the Yueyang orphanage to our hotel in Changsha. Their bus got stuck in traffic, delaying their arrival. The soon-to-be parents waited anxiously for over four long hours. We wondered if we would recognize our girls in person from the tiny referral pictures we had received from China six weeks before.

Each time the elevator door opened, we all held our breath. And we collectively let out a disappointed sigh each time we didn't see the babies.

And then the doors opened to a packed elevator car full of nannies and babies. We had waited so long that when it did actually happen it almost seemed surreal. They all walked out in a line, with camera flashes greeting them like paparazzi. This was the moment we had been anticipating for nearly two years.