Linzhi Mei Zi-Xiu Leiker

  Updated Photographs were taken April 11, 2002    

Linzhi's Vital Statistics As of April 11, 2002:
Weight: 6.1 kg = 13.42 lbs (gain of 1.42 lbs)
Height: 62.8 cm = 24.72" (gain of 1.3")

Linzhi's Vital Statistics As of February 28, 2002:
Weight: 5.5 kg = 12 lbs
Height: 59.5 cm = 23.43"


From the Orphanage's Development Report:
"She is active and a lovely little girl. She is healthy and cute. She likes to laugh, especially when the nannies hold her. She likes to play with her little friends outside and she is very curious about new things. When she sees new toys, first she will just stare, and then she will stretch her hand out to touch it and she will start to play. She turns her head when her name is called, and she can stand when supported. When sitting in her walker she can go back and forth.

She has a good appetite and enjoys eating. She likes juice, steamed eggs, mashed vegetables, and broth. She is most interested when her nannies feed her steamed egg with a spoon. She likes the pat the egg-filled bowl with one of her little hands while eating. Her other hand tries to grab the spoon, while one of her feet kicks in happiness. Her eyes look into the nanny's face and after every bite she will let out a delighted cry.

She draws the affection of those she meets."