New Puppy in the Pack: Linzhi and Her Canine Moms


We introduced Linzhi to Bailey (the Border Collie) and Molly (the Dachshund) right after we got home from China. The maternal instinct really came out in each dog. Both dogs get very upset whenever Linzhi cries, and they frantically run between her and one of us in an effort to get us to come and fix the problem.

Molly tries to sleep under Linzhi's crib and must "approve" of Linzhi every time we change her clothes or diaper. Molly insists that we lower Linzhi to where she can see, smell, and lick her to make sure she's okay.

Bailey watches over Linzhi


Molly and Bailey constantly lick the "new puppy".

Both Molly and Bailey insist on constantly licking Linzhi, and we have to shoo them away but at the same time acknowledge their loving tendencies.

Hair by Miss Bailey
More than once Linzhi has been left with a saliva "mousse" hairdo from Bailey. Bailey loves to lick her head. Whenever Linzhi is sitting up, Bailey makes her topple over with her overzealous head licking. Bailey's attentiveness is so loving and gentle, it's hard to pull her away. Linzhi is not afraid of the dogs at all, but they do annoy her when the licking gets to be too much.

Linzhi never complains about a wet or dirty diaper. However, the dogs are quick to bring any problem to our attention.


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