A Winter Day at the Playgound
January 24, 2004


Enjoying the Unusually Warm Weather

It was a very unexpected winter day; sunny, beautiful weather with temperatures in the sixties. Baba, Mommy, and Linzhi all went over to the local playground to have some fun.

Linzhi loves the playground, especially the slides. She has grown so much since her early days at the park when her Mommy would stand close beside her in case she fell. Now, Linzhi's very sure of herself, very coordinated and very independent. It's so amazing to see her grow so fast.

Today Linzhi easily climbs the steps, crawls through the tubes, and crosses the swinging bridge, before arriving at the highest slide there is. She laughs the whole time with the occassional "Watch me!" thrown in during her more exotic feats.

The Playground

Linzhi went on the swings too. She ran from the playground to the swings, and then back again. Stopping occassionally to joyously throw the gravel in the air. She studied sticks intently, especially a small fallen branch. She broke off a twig for each of us (I guess it's good that she shares) and encouraged us to play with our sticks in the gravel.

Watch me!
I can do it (with a little help)

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