Fun at the Pool
August 22 , 2003

Posing by the Big Pool

Linzhi loved going to the pool this summer. Unlike last year, she was so excited and happy to try everything new. She loved to be in the vortex wave pool and would have gladly climbed up the stairs and gone down the slides had she been allowed. Maybe next year, sweetie.

Linzhi's favorite part of the whole experience was experimenting with all the activities of the play pool.

All sorts of moving water created a dramatic interplay with Colorado mountain and mining themes. The play pool had a big "pump" station in the middle of the pool where children could turn on and off water valves. The valves activated various sprays and fountains.


Linzhi's Favorite Attraction:
The Play Pool

Linzhi loved to play in the little fountains in the shallow pool. When it was time to go, she almost had to be dragged away. She kept saying "more, more."

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