You might be a toddler's mom if...
June 2004

All of these are true - you can't make this stuff up! use sentences like, "Pick up your lizards and put them in your purse."

...everyone in the mall is informed (loudly) that you had to go pee. no longer phases you that your daughter wears goggles because she needs to drive Elmo to the store. notice Shrek has been wedged into the toy high chair.

...Big Bird routinely wears a big, ruffly, fru-fru dress. have to touch up your daughter's pink metallic toe-nail polish. are told that the leap pad cartridge is a pager.

...your daughter not only knows what a tiara is, she has three of them. forget and go to the grocery store with Hello Kitty stickers on your arms. discover your husband desperately trying to watch the big game while wearing clip-on earrings and having his hair styled.

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