Wild West Day
Linzhi's School

July 27, 2005

There's a new sheriff in town, pard'ner!

Linzhi's school finished the last day of summer camp with a Wild West Day. The children worked setting up different stations they could attend with their parents. There was barrel racing, branding, a camp fire to sing songs around, chaps to decorate, and gold nuggets to be won.



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The townsfolk were afraid...

"Big Bad Bart" (a.k.a. Baba) had just rode into town

Folks said Bart was a-fixin' to stir up trouble in the big Cowboy Relay Race

Sheriff Linzhi talked with Bart, and threatened him with a "Big Time Out" if he didn't straighten up.

Proud Mama says, "Sheriff Linzhi saves the day again!"